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Couples Financial Coaching with Adam Kol - How to Talk Money with Your Partner

January 28, 2021 Adam Kol Season 2 Episode 18
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Couples Financial Coaching with Adam Kol - How to Talk Money with Your Partner
Show Notes

In this episode, you will gain valuable insight into how to start the dreaded money conversation with your partner or spouse. Adam Kol and I discuss the ways in which you can start this conversation and why it's so important. Listen in for all of Adam's amazing advice and expertise.
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Who is Adam Kol?
My Journey into Couples Financial Counseling

I started this business because I believe that much financial stress is avoidable. You can have the peace and financial freedom you want and deserve, and I will help you get there.

So, how’d I end up here?

Well, I’ve been a finance geek since Day 1 thanks to my grandfather ceaselessly watching CNBC, AKA the stock market channel. Sitting by his side daily led me to study Economics at the University of Miami. While there, I took a job at a financial services company called Northwestern Mutual. There, I developed a love for working with families to build healthy financial futures.

Later, I graduated from Duke Law School and got a Master’s Degree in Tax Law at NYU. I strengthened these skills at a large accounting firm, Deloitte, and later at a nonprofit focused on ending homelessness.

Along the way, I began providing coaching of all kinds, as well as gaining conflict resolution experience and becoming a Certified Mediator. Eventually, I realized that financial stress was a huge stressor for so many couples. Thankfully, my unique background as a Mediator, Financial Advisor, and former Tax Lawyer perfectly positioned to profoundly impact this area.

I began to focus on providing individually-crafted Couples Financial Counseling and trainings, and that’s how you found me here today.
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