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A Veterinarian's Take on Atomic Habits by James Clear

January 21, 2021 Stacey Cordivano, DVM Season 2 Episode 17
The Whole Veterinarian
A Veterinarian's Take on Atomic Habits by James Clear
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"A  habit is a behavior that has been repeated enough to become automatic."

-James Clear-

Here are 3 quick takeaways from one of my favorite books! James Clear's book, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad ones, is a MUST READ. Today you are going to hear three lessons from it that I have incorporated into my own life. It's just the tip of the iceberg, so I hope it inspires you to dig deeper into his work. Whether in our veterinary careers or just life in general, we can always use some new ideas on forming good habits.

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Stacey Cordivano:

Hey there, it's Dr. Stacey Cordivano. I want veterinarians to learn to be happier, healthier, wealthier and more grateful for the life that we've created. On this podcast I will speak with outside of the box thinkers to hear new ideas on ways to improve our day to day life. Welcome to the whole veterinarian. How are you? Today I'm trying something new. I'm going to give you three takeaways from the book atomic habits. Last week, Dr. Katie Berlin mentioned it's one of her top books, I've mentioned several times that it's one of my favorite books. I've literally bookmarked at least a third of the pages. So I highly recommend it. But today, I'm going to give you just three takeaways. Again, today we are talking about atomic habits written by James clear, and easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones. Okay, first takeaway, forget about goals focus on systems instead. James says, quote, "goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead you to those results." I have a perfect example for this. So I have had the goal to decrease missed billing charges in my solo practice and send out more complete appointment summaries to clients for literally years. And it was not until about this year that I found the correct system to make that happen. And for me, that required an accountability person in the form of someone else doing it for me, and having to write things legibly, and, you know, in detail so that they could do that for me. I've tried things like a whiteboard in the back of the truck. I've tried taking notes in my phones, and like those work for tons of other people and they just didn't work for me. So I had to find the right system for myself. That leads into another big topic in this book, which he calls habit stacking. Takeaway number two. S James says quote, "one of t e best ways to build a new hab t is to identify a current hab t you already do each day and th n stack your behavior on top." So for me, I always have a goal of drinking more water through ut the day, I literally don't dr nk any. a rule that I created or myself after reading this b ok was that before I am allowed to drink coffee in the morning I have a glass of water. Some d ys that is my only glass of wat r. And other days it sets me up to do a bit better job of drink ng water throughout the day. he third idea I want to hit f om this book is how to reprog am your brain to enjoy hard habi s. Here's takeaway number thr e. I'm just gonna read a little it from the book, he says, "you can make hard habits more attrac ive if you can learn to assoc ate them with a positive experie ce. Sometimes all you need s a slight mindset shift. For instance, we talk a out everything we have to do n a given day. You have to wak up early for work, you have to ake another sales call for our business, you have to ook dinner for your family. Now imagine changing just one ord you don't have to, you g t to." later on in the chap er. He says, James says quote, "reframing your h bits to highlight their benefit rather than their drawbacks i a fast and lightweight way to r program your mind and make a ha it seem more attractive." A bi one for me in this category his year has been exercise, I h ve found it a little bit easier his year to get myself to wo k out by focusing on the positiv what my body can do for me ra her than punishing my body and rying to make it look a differen way. So I think that reframe has been helpful for me person lly this year. Okay, so ther you go. three takeaways fr m Atomic Habits written by Jam s Clear, quick and easy. I d finitely hope you check out th book. I hope this was interesti g enough to pique your interest I can't recommend it en ugh. I'm planning to read it e ery year because I feel like I'm going to learn something new eve y time I read it. I will b doing a giveaway for a cop of this book. For anyone who signs up for the newsletter in he month of January. I promise i will be a once a month newslet er and I will not spam you wit things. It's really just a way to share episodes that have com out and any other things th t I find interesting throu hout the month, go to the websit there's an email tab page, go sign up, be entered to win and f you're enjoying the podcas , please share with a friend ubscribe and if you feel so incl ned, hop over to Apple podcasts nd leave a review. Thanks guys Talk to