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Developing Influential Veterinary Leaders featuring Dr. Dave Nicol

June 30, 2022 Dr. Dave Nicol Season 5 Episode 55
The Whole Veterinarian
Developing Influential Veterinary Leaders featuring Dr. Dave Nicol
Show Notes

Have you struggled to create a cohesive vetmed team? Are you having difficulty attracting the right talent? Are you confused as to why you work in a veterinary clinic that has no direction or actual leadership? Dr. Dave Nicol of VetX International is here to help us understand how vital leadership is for the health and wellbeing of the entire vet practice - both the business and the individuals working inside of it. Leadership cannot be left to chance - tune in to this episode to get insight into how and why you need to be proactive in your veterinary business if you want to see your team succeed.
More about Dr. Dave Nicol...
Dr. Dave Nicol is a veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience in general practice and has held several leadership roles within practice and industry. He has written three books, most recently the best-selling, So You’re A Vet...Now What? – a manifesto on how to survive as a veterinarian after graduation. Dr. Dave hosts The Blunt Dissection podcasts which combined has been played more than 250,000 times. He owns Roundwood Vets, a boutique vet practice in London and founded VetX International to help vets connect with their career and help practice owners create fantastic practices for the vets to work in.
He speaks at conferences all over the world to speak about his favourite topic of
leadership and generally cheerleading for the veterinary profession. In 2019 he was
voted VMX Practice Manager Speaker of the Year.
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